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coronavirus: Covid care increases trust index of Indian companies: Survey – Times of India


CHENNAI: The Indian workforce has emerged as most satisfied worldwide with employers’ response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent study. Up to 53% of India’s employees trust their employers more now than before the pandemic began, because of how the organisations responded to the crisis. That is a proportion that is highest among all nations surveyed by The Workforce Institute at Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG).
A majority of Indian workforce also said that their organisations should have responded more quickly to Covid-19 early on. Employees said offices should have been closed faster and safety measures for essential workers should have been implemented sooner.
Coronavirus outbreak: Live updates
About 38% felt their employers prioritised their emotional and mental well-being during the pandemic. This figure was higher than the proportion that conveyed similar sentiment in the US (36%) and the UK (20%). However, at the same time, half (55%) of Indian workers said they are concerned about their employers’ ability to help them achieve a balance in work culture. In comparison, 42% of American workers, 47% of Chinese, and 39% of the UK’s workers conveyed similar views.
UKG country manager (India) Sumeet Doshi said the report captures the main concerns of the Indian workforce as they enter or plan a re-entry into their workplace. “According to the survey, Indian employees are primarily concerned about the risk involved in daily commute to work, being in close contact with other employees in conference rooms, working out of an open-floor plan with no clear social-distancing protocols or even encountering asymptomatic co-workers within office premises,” he said.
Doshi added that Indian workers, in comparison to other nationalities, are most concerned about their organisation’s ability to help employees balance workloads in order to prevent fatigue and burnout in the long run. As workplaces get set to reopen, 58% of the country’s workforce expects a quick notification about confirmed Covid-19 cases in the workplace. Indian office-goers are more demanding than their US (46%), UK (46%) and Chinese (48%) counterparts in this aspect.
The study surveyed nearly 4,000 respondents across India, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

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