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NEW DELHI: Indians are the most optimistic about a Covid-19 vaccine with a majority of the population keen on getting inoculated as soon it’s available, according to a global survey. In contrast, the survey found that people in advanced countries such as France, Spain and Japan share a growing reluctance about getting vaccinated.
According to the World Economic Forum/Ipsos survey of 18,526 adults from 15 countries, most adults don’t expect a vaccine to be available any sooner than mid-2021 and only half would get vaccinated within three months of its availability.
Vaccination intent has remained unchanged at 87 per cent in India since August and has declined in 10 of the 15 countries surveyed, most of all in China, Australia, Spain, and Brazil, the survey found.
Covid-19 vaccination intent exceeds the 15-country average in India (87%), China (85%), South Korea (83%), and Brazil (81%), Australia (79%), the United Kingdom (79%), Mexico (78%), and Canada (76%),” it said.
The survey revealed that in countries like India, China, Brazil, and US, at least one in four adults expect a vaccine to be available by the end of the year and at least half expect it by April 2021.
It found that since August, intentions to get vaccinated have dropped in 10 countries, most of all China (down 12 points), Australia (down 9), Spain (down 8), and Brazil (down 7).
“Globally, the two main reasons for not wanting to get a Covid-19 vaccine are concerns about side effects (cited by 34 per cent) and concerns about clinical trials moving too fast (cited by another 33 per cent). In India also, 34 per cent respondents said they are worried about side effects, while 16 per cent are concerned about fast-moving trials,” it said.
The survey also asked the respondents how soon after a vaccine becomes available would they get one.
Nearly half of the adults globally said they would get vaccinated within three months after the Covid-19 vaccine is available to all (54 per cent in India).
Globally, 72 per cent said they would get vaccinated within a year (82 per cent in India).
The World Economic Forum (WEF) said the latest survey has shown a growing reluctance to receive a vaccine, despite progress made by numerous pharmaceutical companies working on vaccine trials and international organisations like the World Health Organization (WHO), Gavi and CEPI working to ensure any future solution is available for those most in need.
Arnaud Bernaert, Head of Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare at the WEF, said, “This drop in vaccine confidence is a remarkable and sad trend as we edge closer to a possible vaccine roll-out.”
“The numbers are significant enough to compromise the effectiveness of a Covid-19 vaccine to manage the disease and to see an end to the cycle of new lockdowns and restrictions. It is critical that governments and the private sector come together to build trust in the next steps. It’s important to know that when a vaccine is ready, it will make a difference,” Bernaert added.
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