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RR vs MI, IPL 2020 Match Score Live Updates: James Pattinson Takes 2 As Steve Smith Falls For Rajasthan Royals | Cricket News


RR vs MI, IPL 2020 Match Live Updates: James Pattinson Takes 2 As Steve Smith Falls For Rajasthan Royals

RR vs MI IPL 2020 Score: James Pattinson has dismissed Robin Uthappa and Steve Smith.© BCCI/IPL

Ben Stokes and Sanju Samson are the batsmen at the crease for Rajasthan Royals (RR), who have been handed a target of 196 runs. MI posted a total of 195 runs for the loss of five wickets after skipper Kieron Pollard won the toss and opted to bat. All-rounder Hardik Pandya was the highest run-scorer, smashing 60 runs off 21 deliveries, with two boundaries and seven sixes to his credit. Suryakumar Yadav was the second highest run-getter, accumulating 40 runs off 26 balls. Jofra Archer and Shreyas Gopal picked two wickets apiece for RR. (LIVE SCORECARD)

IPL 2020 Match 45 Live Score Updates Between Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians, Straight From Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

  • 21:58 (IST)


    Boundary for Ben Stokes who continues to attack, playing a reverse sweep down to the third man fence.

  • 21:54 (IST)

    WICKET! Steve Smith b James Pattinson 11 (8)

    Steve Smith drags an in-seamer onto his stumps following an inside edge, having attempted to puncht the ball without proper footwork. Sanju Samson is the next batsman in.

  • 21:48 (IST)


    Steve Smith gets his first six of the innings, shuffling across and flicking the ball over deep square leg, having cleared his front leg.

  • 21:46 (IST)


    Steve Smith gets his first boundary of the innings, following a well-timed shot off a back of length delivery.

  • 21:45 (IST)


    Hat-trick of boundaries for Ben Stokes, who smashes the ball astutely through extra cover following a full delivery by Trent Boult.

  • 21:42 (IST)


    Another boundary for Ben Stokes who chips the pitched up delivery over the bowler, with the ball finding its way to the fence. 

  • 21:41 (IST)


    Second boundary by Ben Stokes who hits a low full toss straight down the ground, with no fielder present to stop the ball.

  • 21:41 (IST)


    Excellent boundary by Ben Stokes who comes down the wicket, timing a clip shot through the mid-wicket region.

  • 21:38 (IST)

    WICKET! Robin Uthappa c Kieron Pollard b James Pattinson 13 (11)

    James Pattinson strikes with the dismissal of Robin Uthappa, who attempted to pull the ball without much timing, handing an easy catch to Kieron Pollard. Steve Smith is the new man in.

  • 21:36 (IST)


    Second boundary of the innings for Robin Uthappa who plays a brilliant drive down to extra cover, off a fractionally full cross-seam delivery.

  • 21:34 (IST)


    Fine boundary by Robin Uthappa who pulls the short ball over mid-wicket, timing the shot astutely.

  • 21:32 (IST)

    Excellent start by Trent Boult

    Trent Boult gets the defence of 196 off to a strong start for MI, conceding just five runs from the opening over of the second innings.

  • 21:29 (IST)

    Ben Stokes to start the chase alongside Robin Uthappa

    Ben Stokes will be opening the innings with Robin Uthappa, as RR attempt to chase a stern target of 196 runs. Trent Boult to bowl the first over.

  • 21:18 (IST)

    RR need 196 runs to win

    Mumbai Indians finish with a score of 195 runs for the loss of five wickets in 20 overs. Hardik Pandya smashed a fantastic six off the final delivery, thrashing the ball over long-off. The all-rounder has finished unbeaten with a score of 60 runs off 21 deliveries.

  • 21:16 (IST)

    Half-century for Hardik Pandya

    Half century for Hardik Pandya following a six off a short ball over long-off.

  • 21:15 (IST)


    Hardik Pandya has been unstoppable, chipping the ball over extra cover following a fuller delivery.

  • 21:13 (IST)


    Hardik Pandya continues to smash the ball, taking advantage of a short and wide delivery to direct the ball over extra cover.

  • 21:11 (IST)


    Sublime six by Hardik Pandya who swings with great strength over deep mid-wicket, having picked the length early. 

  • 21:05 (IST)

    WICKET! Saurabh Tiwary c Ben Stokes b Jofra Archer 34 (25)

    Saurabh Tiwary departs for 34 following a full toss from Jofra Archer, which Saurabh hit straight to Ben Stokes at long-on. Krunal Pandya is the new man in.

  • 21:04 (IST)


    Three consecutive sixes for Hardik Pandya who takes advantage of yet another full toss from Ankit Rajpoot, to smash the ball over deep square leg.

  • 21:02 (IST)


    Third six of the innings for Hardik Pandya, who takes advantage of a full toss bowled down leg, swatting it over fine leg.

  • 21:01 (IST)


    Sublime six by Hardik Pandya who takes advantage of an overpitched delivery, to hit the ball over long-off.

  • 20:59 (IST)


    Six by Hardik Pandya following a full toss from Ankit Rajpoot. Hardik did not time the shot perfectly, but managed to clear the fence due to the power involved.

  • 20:57 (IST)


    Saurabh Tiwary gets his first six of the innings, following a short ball which was pulled over the long leg fence brilliantly.

  • 20:56 (IST)


    Saurabh Tiwary continues to attack, smashing the ball past Jofra Archer following an overpitched ball.

  • 20:56 (IST)


    Third boundary of the innings for Saurabh Tiwary following an inside edge that beat the fielder at short fine leg, after a delivery into the blockhole.

  • 20:50 (IST)

    Can Saurabh Tiwary and Hardik Pandya help MI finish strongly?

    Saurabh Tiwary has scored 16 runs from as many deliveries, with Hardik Pandya scoring four runs from four balls. Can Saurabh and Hardik help MI finish well, with just five overs left? MI 116/4 after 15 overs

  • 20:43 (IST)


    Secound boundary of the innings for Saurabh Tiwary who thrashes the short delivery, through the covers.

  • 20:42 (IST)


    Powerful boundary by Saurabh Tiwary who swings with great strength, hitting the ball to deep mid-wicket.

  • 20:41 (IST)

    WICKET! Kieron Pollard b Shreyas Gopal 6 (4)

    Shreyas Gopal accounts for the key dismissal of Kieron Pollard, with a straight delivery which kept low, going on to hit the stumps. Pollard walks back, with Hardik Pandya the new batsman in.

  • 20:40 (IST)


    Kieron Pollard scores his first six of the innings following a mistimed lofted shot off a tossed up delivery, which managed to clear the fence due to the power behind the shot.

  • 20:36 (IST)

    WICKET! Suryakumar Yadav c Ben Stokes b Shreyas Gopal 40 (26)

    Suryakumar Yadav departs for 40 runs off 26 deliveries, after being deceived by a loopy legbreak from Shreyas Gopal. Suryakumar lofted the ball to Ben Stokes at long-off, with Kieron Pollard the new man in. 

  • 20:28 (IST)

    WICKET! Ishan Kishan c Jofra Archer b Karthik Tyagi 37 (36)

    Fantastic catch by Jofra Archer at third man, as Ishan Kishan departs for 37. Kishan attempted to take advantage of a short ball bowled outside off, but failed to get the required contact with Archer executing a fine leap. Saurabh Tiwary is the new man in.

  • 20:21 (IST)


    Ishan Kishan takes advantage of a low full toss bowled on the leg stump, scooping the ball over short fine leg.

  • 20:15 (IST)


    Classy boundary by Suryakumar Yadav who times the ball beautifully straight down the ground.

  • 20:14 (IST)


    Boundary for Suryakumar Yadav who slices the ball over backward point, with the ball going on to hit the ropes.

  • 20:07 (IST)

    Fine start by Shreyas Gopal

    Shreyas Gopal bowls an economical first over after being introduced into the attack, conceding just three runs. 

  • 20:06 (IST)

    MI off to excellent start at the end of powerplay

    MI are off to a strong start with six overs completed. Ishan Kishan and Suryakumar Yadav accelerated in the last few overs of the powerplay in a brilliant manner, to ensure a strong finish. MI 59/1 after 6 overs

  • 20:04 (IST)


    Excellent six by Ishan Kishan who swats a short of length delivery bowled close to the batsman, behind square with great timing.

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